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Virtualization is becoming more and more popular among IT communities, and with good reason. But that popularity will require a greater level of vigilance as well. As virtualization continues to grow, it’s reaching into “virtually” (pun intended) every corner of your network, not just in the cloud, but in your on-premise network as well. According to one CIO that we spoke to, virtualization represents a tremendous advancement in terms of ease of use and customization of machines for end users, and as well as for the ability to contain costs, but it comes with plenty of caveat


Hybrid  Cloud / Multi Cloud

  • Datacenter Virtualization Consulting  Designing, Deployment and upgrades.
  • Storage virtualization (vSAN) Consulting ,Design , Implementation and upgrades.
  • VMC ON AWS Consulting, Design, Deployment and Migration.
  • VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) Consulting, Design, Deployment and Migration.
  • Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

Digital Workspace &  Desktop Virtualization

  • VMware Workspace One Consulting, Design, Deployments and Upgrades.
  • VMware Horizon Consulting, Design, Deployments and Upgrades.
  • Horizon Cloud on Azure

Networking and Security

  • Network Virtualization Consulting Designing , Deployment , Migration and  Upgrades. (NSX-V , NSX-T).
  • End Point Security Consulting Designing, Deployment , Migration and  Upgrades  (Carbon Black).
  • Network Virtualization Migration ( NSX-V to NSX-T)

Cloud Management & Automation

  • Cloud Automation and Orchestration Consulting Designing, Deployment , Migration.
  • Workflow automation.