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Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCV) S provides a customer-managed, native VMware-based cloud environment hosted in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This allows you to spin up VMware SDDC in the oracle cloud with complete control of your own. The provisioning of VMware SDDC is fully automatic and eliminates the operational overhead required to deploy a new data center. 

A single SDDC consists of VMware vCenter, ESXi Host, vSAN, and NSX-T. It also comes with the VMware HCX that allows you to extend your on-premises data center to the Oracle cloud and offers seamless workload migration to the cloud.

The Challenge 

Organizations are now under pressure to upgrade their VMware workloads and grow their application portfolios. They want to add new cloud features and benefit from the advantages of the public clouds, such as elastic capacity, increased operational and strategic velocity, and predictable infrastructure costs. Changes to these platforms often need changes to system and application architecture, unexpected updates to operating systems and databases, and changes to long-standing operating procedures, all of which add risk and cost.


  • Application dependency mapping and migration planning, which allows for long approval infrastructure architectures, incompatible, non-interoperable stacks
  • Cross-site networking, and security challenges, might stymie cloud platform adoption.
  • Delay in mapping application dependencies—for example, certain programs rely on technologies that aren’t readily available to other cloud providers.
  • Business disruptions that necessitate the maintenance of a secure, off-premises “active” infrastructure, potentially resulting in incapacity or resource loss.


Customers can use Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) to migrate VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud without modifying them. Customers gain scale and agility while keeping existing VMware-based tools, procedures, and rules in place. Customers have complete control over their VMware installations while making use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure capabilities.

Migrating VMware workloads to the cloud

Because of the incompatibility between on-premises and cloud infrastructure infrastructures, migrating workloads to the public cloud is difficult. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution addresses these issues by layering an abstraction layer on top of existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure site-specific implementations utilizing VMware HCX. HCX is a cloud and data center application mobility technology that makes application migration, workload rebalancing, and business continuity easier. Network extension and cross-cloud connectivity are two of HCX’s main features for the live transfer of production workloads. HCX eliminates downtime for businesses that rely on mission-critical apps running on-premises in a VMware environment.

VMware Cloud Verified

Customers can use the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution for self-service provisioning and have full administrative permissions, including root access. Root access gives you complete control over your computer’s hardware and software.

Leverage adjacent Oracle Cloud services

Modernize parts or all of your application stacks with local get to Container Engine for Kubernetes and Prophet Capacities. Increment benefit levels and reduce overhead with a wide cluster of cloud databases such as Prophet Exadata, Autonomous Data Stockroom, Independent Exchange Handling, Prophet NoSQL Database, and more.

Migrate VMware estate

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution allows customers to move VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud without changing them. Customers are gaining size and agility at the same time maintaining continuity with existing VMware-based tools, processes, and policies

Ease of operations

Depend on a single VMware detail that works both on-premises and in the cloud. Dodge’s exertion went through porting applications, refactoring code, or settling arrangement differences.

Use the same VMware tools

VMware-based applications running on-premises can be overseen the same way on Prophet Cloud—using single, coordinates see. Use your existing aptitude sets with the instruments you’re now utilizing on-premises, counting vSphere, vCenter Server, vSAN, NSX, and HCX. Expand your tried and demonstrated on-premises IT sending structures and forms. Design your cloud environment to coordinate on-premises and keep them in sync.

High-performance, elastic, and verified

Prophet Cloud VMware Solution’s uncovered metal compute occurrences give customers at the slightest 156 centers, the most elevated CPU center tally accessible for any VMware-based solution within the advertise today.

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