In the evolving world of technology, mobile applications are becoming more dominant than ever, this evolution has created a full range of new attacks. Mobile security testing delivers coverage across the complete mobile app environment, from the local app running on-device to the back-end web services. We identify vulnerabilities in mobile applications and prioritize remediation guided by the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

Both dynamic and static mobile security testing approaches are used to examine the security of mobile apps. All of the most popular mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, are supported by our mobile security evaluation. It’s a comprehensive mobile app evaluation that incorporates unique behavioural analysis and privacy checks. 

We utilise both manual and dynamic analyses to accurately verify and validate all essential components of the mobile environment, including authentication, access control, and session management, as well as cryptography, malicious input processing, and much more. Every type of mobile device and application used in your organisation will be assessed by our certified mobile application security experts. They’ll analyse risks from a variety of sources, including inadequate server-side controls, unsecured data storage, client-side injection, insufficient transport layer protection, and incorrect session management, among others, across all mobile platforms and operating systems, including iOS. 


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