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A load balancer is a device or software that distributes incoming network traffic across multiple servers to ensure that no single server is overwhelmed. This improves the overall performance and availability of the network by distributing the workload evenly across multiple servers. Load balancers can also provide additional features such as fault tolerance, SSL offloading, and traffic management.

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Improved Performance

By distributing network traffic evenly across multiple servers, load balancers can help improve the overall performance and responsiveness of a network.

High Availability And Security

Load balancers can provide fault tolerance by automatically redirecting traffic to functioning servers in the event of a server failure. This helps ensure that network services remain available to users even in the event of a server outage and Load balancers can provide an additional layer of security by encrypting traffic and offloading SSL/TLS processing.

Monitoring and reporting

Load balancers can provide detailed monitoring and reporting capabilities, which can help organizations identify and troubleshoot performance issues. Regenerate response

Technology Transformation and Strategy.

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65% of European CEOs are under considerable pressure to deliver a successful digital transformation strategy. With the cloud making it easier to compete in the digital market, adoption isn’t a question of if, it’s a question of how and when. From advisory services to technical support to training, we give you support required to drive successful transformation.

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