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F9 Infotech partner with Sky Software to provide integrated solution to most areas with in the hospitality sector. Sky Software provides efficient PMS, POS, F&B Materials System, Human Resource Management system, Health Club Management, Quality Engineering Management system & Assets Management system.

Horizon Property Management:

Sky Horizon® Property Management system is designed to provide the hotel management with full control over front desk and guest transactions such as reservations, groups, walk-ins, financial transactions, folios, deposits, housekeeping, night audit, profile management, revenue history, in-house guests, forecast analysis, availability, guest and room history. The system is equipped with an advanced interface gateway, which enables online interaction between the front desk and other hotel facilities such as point-of-sale outlets, health clubs, telephone switchboards, receivable / income accounting, door-lock keys, TV systems, Internet and others

Horizon Restaurant Management:

Sky Horizon® Restaurant Management system is a comprehensive solution that is capable of catering to the most complicated requirements of a whole range of modern restaurants through its modular design. On top of the Point of Sale Management system, a range of modules allowing vertical growth were developed to meet the needs and expectations of the most complex environments. Those modules include the restaurant reservations and delivery management


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Bayan Human Resources Management:

Bayan® Human Resources Management System system is an advanced specialized web-based cloud-ready system that is designed to operate on property, cluster and corporate levels, with the objective of maintaining employee data in a way that simplifies the processing of all HR and payroll transactions that affect the employee status, ending with providing an unlimited set of detailed and summarized reporting facilities. The system also facilitates full integration between the essential operations of the employee attendance control, human resources and personnel operations, employee training, medical insurance, and payroll with back office JV interface. Hence, it prevents any unnecessary double work and errors, improves efficiency, and simplifies information distribution and reporting.

Horizon Quality Management:

Sky Horizon® Engineering & Maintenance Management system aims to automate most tasks within the Engineering & Maintenance Department. It allows for better utilization of the department resources and provides a valuable tool to better understand the types of tasks and loads within the department, while preparing real-time tasks in an online, effective, and optimal manner.

Jana Materials Management:

Sky Jana Materials Management system is a comprehensive specialized web-based cloud-ready system that is designed to operate on property, cluster and corporate levels. Jana controls all aspects of food items, beverage items, and rest of materials in the complex environment of hotels and restaurants. Jana covers in great depth and details all areas related to material movements and control including paperless purchase order cycle, receiving of goods, requisitions, transfers, property-to-property relocation of goods, perpetual inventory and spot checks, cost control, cost of sales and consumption analysis, recipe management, menu design and back office financial interface.

Spa & Membership Management:

Sky Horizon® Spark Membership & Spa software is designed specifically to suite the complex needs of the fitness and social clubs as well as the spa industry. The system with its two major core components (Membership Engine and SPA Engine) facilitates total control over memberships, profiles, registrations, members history, expiry dates, walk-in guests, membership payments, direct billing, membership installments, retail point of sales and store management, guest bookings, online internet bookings, guest attendance control, access doors  control, front office and hotel systems interfaces. The system is also equipped with a comprehensive set of reports including financial and revenue analysis, trainers follow-up and commissioning, in addition to guests attendance control via magnetic cards, store control, reservations, deposits handling, and much more.

Horizon Flashback Financial Management:

Sky Horizon® Flashback financial system is designed with the objective of helping hotels and corporate management to manage their business financials and acquire full control over the various daily and periodic financial activities, including bank auditing and budgeting. With its multi-modular architecture, controlled interfaces with third-party systems, advanced security roles, and flexible reports, Flashback can be considered to be your full-featured financial solution.

Horizon Unified Billing Management:

Sky Horizon® Unified Billing Management system is developed to offer facilities such as residential compounds and villages, shopping complexes and malls with the ultimate tools to manage owner profiles, tenants information, financial billing for rental fees and owner expenses such as utilities, on-demand billing, PBX telephone usage and costing, Internet & IPTV usage and fees. In addition to housekeeping and maintenance services (recurring or on-demand) billing.

Horizon Fixed Assets Management:

Sky Horizon® Fixed Assets Management system tracks in great depth of analysis all corporate assets including their serial ID numbers, categories, cost centers, departmental financial allocation, types, movements, transfers, disposals, physical locations, and value depreciation according to modern accounting standards. The system provides a great number of reports covering all those areas. Detailed profile for each item is saved including the possibility of tagging the assets via barcode labels and reading the asset data through portable data collectors.

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