Challenge Overview

The Customer need to secure their application under F9infotech portfolio. The solution we provide enhances web application security using AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF). It deploys managed rulesets to protect against common threats, throttles API calls to manage traffic, blocks users generating excessive errors, and alerts on traffic spikes. This comprehensive approach ensures application stability, security, and performance while proactively addressing potential risks.

Customer Introduction

The first application in UAE to provide on-demand car wash services anytime, anywhere. It eliminates the hustle of washing your cars yourself. Everything is at your fingertips with nothing more than a few clicks on your mobile phone.

Our Approach

Our approach to the solution focuses on enhancing the security and performance of web application by deploying AWS WAF’s managed rulesets to defend against common web threats. We then implement API call throttling to manage traffic and prevent overloading. We set up alerts for traffic spikes, with a specific emphasis on 4xx errors.

Solution Overview

F9 Infotech provided our customer with a highly adaptable and secure cloud computing environment that empowered them to run their business with confidence. Our solution was designed in accordance with industry best practices, ensuring maximum reliability and security.

Drawing on our analysis of traffic, demand, and load patterns, we collaborated with the customer to develop a scalable and agile architecture. After careful consideration, we recommended Amazon Web Services as the ideal hosting platform, offering unparalleled security, usability, mobility, and an exceptional end-user experience.

F9 Infotech deployed the project in the Ireland region. The implementation involves creating an S3 bucket to host application, setting up Amazon CloudFront for content delivery, configuring AWS WAF to protect web application from threats, and establishing real-time alerts using Amazon CloudWatch. With this setup, application hosted in Amazon S3 will be protected by AWS WAF, and we will receive immediate alerts if any suspicious activity is detected.

Benefits Delivered to Customer

The customer has seen a robust security and performance enhancement. It safeguards against web application threats, accelerates content delivery through Amazon CloudFront, and provides real-time threat detection, all while optimizing costs. Customizable security rules ensure adaptability, and real-time alerts enable rapid incident response. The solution is scalable and helps meet compliance requirements, making it an effective way to enhance security, performance, and compliance for application.


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